Tattoos and Piercing Services Available at Tattooz

Tattoo advice and consultation

If it’s a tattoo for you:

From advice on where to have a tattoo, through careful consultation on design, on to aftercare service, we provide the whole package and take any worry out of it for you. We value our customers and we have built up a great reputation as the leading tattoo parlour in and around Hampshire.
To help you choose your next tattoos, have a look at the online tattoo libraries here:

From Dragons to Daisies

Whatever your style -  traditional or avant-garde, subtle or brazen, a riot of colour or muted shades - our artists take pride in their work to ensure your unique work of living art will last a lifetime.

Drop in to see us at the studio for a free no-obligation consultation about what’s going to work for you. 
Japanese-style, portraits, cover-ups, rework, or something new – all are catered for. Bring your ideas, tell us what you like as well as what you’re like. We have books, photographs and web pages aplenty (not to mention an ever-expanding list of happy customers) to help you find the exact design. We will provide our professional advice and honest opinions along the way with every customer.

All types of body art and tattoos supplied
Big or smallSmall tatoos, we are here to help you

From Miniscule to Mansize

No job too small or large! Whether you want a star on your wrist or a waterfall to cover the whole of your back, we ensure that having a tattoo created at Tattooz will be a safe and a rewarding experience.

If you’re looking to visit Tattooz to ‘get inked’ then we will require to see suitable ID for anyone who looks under the age of consent. Please note the only forms of ID that we accept are driving licences and passports.

From Nose to Navel

If piercing is the name of your game: Noses, navel, nipples, ears, eyebrows and tongues, we’ve seen and done them all.

We understand that (for first-timers especially) getting a tattoo or piercing can seem a little scary. Our hygienic and friendly studio will put you at your ease and our professional staff will always do everything possible to make sure you come back for more.

Note: We bend over (literally) to please, but we do have a handful of terms and conditions:
  • Piercings only from the waist up.
  • Piercings for 16 year olds or under require parental consent.
  • Nipple piercings for women under 18 requires a parent present.
Phone 01252 501 416 or email us or drop in to our Hampshire based studio to find out more.
Body Piercing is available at Tattooz piercing studio in Fleet, Hampshire
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